7 Flower Alternatives to Roses

It is February, and with the middle of the month comes Valentine’s Day.  The day that is synonymous with red roses and chocolates.  You can’t escape the allure of the rose, especially in the florist industry.  Don’t get us wrong, we love roses and all the versatility that they can provide for every wedding and event.  They come in a plethora of colors and varieties and are found all year round.  Whether you choose garden, spray or standard roses you can adapt them to any style. 

But what to do when you have a wedding in February and roses are significantly priced higher than any other time?  Or what if you want to branch out and give someone a bouquet or arrangement for Valentine’s Day that is not the standard roses?  There are other options out there that are not roses, but are just as romantic and give the message of love just as much. 

You do not have to stick with roses to get the versatility that you want, there are plenty of other flowers out there that can give you the versatility that roses have.  They just don’t have the same public relations that roses do.  We want to shine a light on those flowers to give awareness to the fact that you don’t have to settle for the same flower every year.  You can branch out and choose a unique flower that doesn’t get as much attention as the rose does.

These are flowers that may not be completely in season in February and late winter, but your florist may be able to source them, especially in the Houston area.  We luckily live in a much warmer climate and have earlier access to flowers that are more in season than other parts of the country.  However, when you become aware of what is out there besides roses, you can make a more personalized choice and make your wedding, event or gift a unique, romantic experience. 


A very popular option behind the rose is the ranunculus.  The ranunculus is also known as the buttercup or Persian buttercup.  They are known for their crepe-like, paper thin petals and can look quite a bit like roses as they start to open up.  The ranunculus come in many different colors like roses and they also come in a variety of types, a particular favorite is the butterfly ranunculus.  The meaning of ranunculus is “charming or attractive” which can help with Valentine’s day arrangements and bouquets when gifting to other people.  


The tulip always makes us think of spring, but the red and pink colors can lean into the Valentine’s day of it all.  The tulip did not originate in the Netherlands, but rather in Central Asia and Turkey in about 1000 AD, but due to “tulip mania” in the 17th and 18th centuries, they are synonymous with Holland and the Netherlands today.  Tulips are best in early spring and come in many colors.  However if you want to get the “perfect and deep love” meaning, try using pink and red tulips.  The tulip is perfect to give someone that you have unconditional love for like a parent, child, or spouse. 


The humble carnation is another popular flower that doesn’t always get its due.  The carnation is the oldest cultivated flower dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome.  They are a hardy, long-lasting flower which is fitting as their general meaning is “ devotion and love”  There are many different colors that you can use to evoke different meanings, but love is the main underlying factor to all of the carnations.  The carnation also comes in several different varieties like mini, standard, spray and garden which can help to create the right style for you. 


The anemone is becoming more and more known, especially the white variety with a dark center.  The anemones are known as “windflower” as the wind blows them open in the wild.  They come in many varieties with all having thin petals and a darker center.  Throughout history the variety of colors have held significant meanings, with white being “sincerity”, purple being “protection” and red meaning “death or forsaken love”.  But generally anemones mean “anticipation” as the petals close at night and open again in the morning.  Whether or not you lean into the meaning of the red anemones, the color is quite reminiscent of poppies and adds a lovely pop to any arrangement. 


The dahlia is a sturdy flower that is a unique addition to any bouquet, but can also be a standout on its own.  The dahlia is originally native to Mexico and Central America and can come in a plethora of colors and varieties and as such, each has its own significant meaning.  However, generally speaking the dahlia can mean “devotion, love, beauty and dignity” which helps to make them a great alternative to roses on Valentine’s day.  Their unique petal structure helps to make the dahlia a showy and stand out bloom for any arrangement. 


The flower of the year for 2024, the peony!  It can resemble the rose a bit, but more significantly the garden rose is a great alternative to the peony.  This is something that we like to let people know, because the flowering season for the peony is quite short in the early spring.  But it is a truly stunning flower with 5 truly popular varieties and many color options.  The meaning of the peony can be “happiness, romance, happy marriage” to name a few and due to this it is a great option for weddings and Valentine’s day.  The most popular color options for peonies are pink, white, red and yellow. 


The daisy is a humble flower that can also be a standout depending on the variety you choose.  The gerbera daisy is one of the most popular versions that we see here in Houston, Texas.  Gerbera daisies originated in Africa but the different varieties are found all over.  The daisy can mean “new beginnings, joy and cheerfulness”, which is perfect for a wedding day, event or a bouquet you give to someone. The daisy comes in different varieties like the English daisy that only comes in white or pink but there are versions like the gerbera daisies that come in all sorts of different colors like yellow, pink, orange, and ruby red. The red of course is right on the nose for a Valentine’s day bouquet.

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