8 Trends in Wedding Flowers for 2024

Welcome 2024!

A new year is here and with that comes new changes and continuing traditional wedding styles.  At Bring Joy, we want to make sure that we are able to stay as fresh as our flowers.  To do that, we want to help to keep you informed of what we think you can expect for the wedding trends of 2024. When it comes to planning your wedding day, often times we look back on tradition and can pigeon hole ourselves into thinking what can be done.

Last year we saw a lot of dramatic installations and elaborate ceremony spaces. Contrary to that, we saw more smaller brides bouquets as well as mono-bloom arrangements. Some of these trends will bleed into this year, and perhaps become more of a tradition the more they are done. As more and more couples break from traditional wedding ways, we will see more and more fun being had in their wedding flower decisions.

For the upcoming year, we think we will be seeing new requests for fun installations that we have not done before, as well as putting new spins on what we consider classic wedding flower arrangements.  We look forward to all the fun, new challenges that are sure to come up.  We hope this list will help you to think outside the box on what you were considering for your wedding and perhaps something will spark for you to help you to make a pivot and create a new and unique experience for your big day. 

1.Color Is In

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As florists, we love working with all colors in any number of palettes, but we are especially thrilled to see more and more color options in 2024.  The classic looks of ivory and champagne with greenery is a great neutral option, but we expect to see more neutral color options like gray, light sage and pale blue.  You can still achieve neutrals, but in an unexpected way. On the flip side of that, we also expect to see more and more bright, bold colors.  Whether it is in a rainbow of colors, or a palette of 3-4 complementary bold colors. 

2.Garden Vibes

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The organic look of the garden bouquets will continue to make a big hit in the new year.  With the movement and fullness of these bouquets, we will be seeing less perfect symmetrical shapes and more asymmetrical bouquets and arrangements.  The free form of these flower arrangements helps to create an organic garden-like feel to any wedding or event.  


Following the garden bouquet and arrangements, the meadow look is continuing to make way in 2024.  This can be achieved as a runner on the reception tables or as a focal point behind the ceremony in lieu of a more traditional arch.  Meadows and meadow-like arrangements make a statement.  The goal is to look effortless with plenty of texture and color. The organic movement and balance is a beautiful way to create a focal point at your wedding as well as continuing the garden vibe.  

4.Pocket Boutonnieres

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Boutonnières have always been a part of the wedding florals.  However, something we think we will be seeing more of is the pocket boutonnière.  The pocket boutonnière combines the look of a pocket square with the flowers of a classic boutonnière.  They help to continue the garden trend of the meadow and asymmetrical bouquets. Pocket boutonnières generally look full and typically have the look of a garden and an organic like feel, free flowing out of the pocket of any suit jacket. 


Clear vases will always be a part of weddings as they can be incorporated in virtually any wedding style, but give different colored vases a look.  You can find amber, blue, green and even orange colored vases. They can be just as versatile as a clear vase but they help to give a twist on the classic look. Different colored vases aren’t always something that comes to mind for people, but it can help create an overall unique look to any wedding, be it classic, elegant, rustic or minimal.  The darker amber can especially help to give bright colored flowers more of a pop as well as a pale blue or green can help to compliment other flower colors. 

6.Statement Pieces

For many couples, making their wedding unique and their own is an important part of their planning.  This can be achieved in flowers with wall pieces or installations, hanging arrangements like clouds and chandeliers as well as bold floor pieces.  We expect to see these focal pieces to continue in weddings for 2024.  Whether it is used as a photo opportunity or just something to awe your wedding guests, these pieces will continue to be a mainstay in the new year.

7.Baby’s Breath

The humble gypsophila, love it or hate it, baby’s breath has been making its way back to the mainstream of wedding flowers.  It has always been a supporting character and at times has dated wedding florals, but with the rise of unique statement pieces like hanging baby’s breath clouds and full arch pieces we will continue to see a spotlight on this humble flower.  It is versatile and can last fairly well without a water source making it a wedding day player. Even using it as a garland is another way to really showcase the beauty and versatility of this flower, the options are limited only by your imagination. 


When thinking of sustainability, and more eco-friendly practices, the floral industry is one that has a history of not being very nice to our planet.  (We are looking at you floral foam).  Like with any other industry, trying to find more sustainable practices is an important goal.  But in floristry, we will continue to see more and more florists looking into sustainability while continuing to give a consistent product to our couples.  We expect to continue to see this with florists and flowers alike, by seeing more emphasis on seasonality of flowers as well as local flowers.  As well as creation practices and reusing of product and mechanics. One of the easiest things for florists to do is to look further back in our history to pre-floral foam days.

Here we are setting up a wedding arch using chicken wire and moss.

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