Hello, I’m Lauren, the owner of Bring Joy.

Why did I start Bring Joy?

When I was working as a shop manager in Katy, we had a garden venue at the shop and did event flowers on occasion. I learned how to arrange and work with flowers and fell in love.

Since 2017 I have built my company up and am continuing to work hard on growing it. 

My partner has been by my side through my whole journey, encouraging me and helping me (he built this very website)! Such a big thanks to him!

2020 has really shocked many people! I am taking the opportunity in these hard times to be flexible, have open discussions with couples and learn the in’s and out’s of the flower industry. In 2020, I’ve worked with over 19 couples to help bring their wedding vision to life.

Passionate About Recycling

I like to reuse and recycle whenever I can. That means vases, stands, decor, and yes flowers! 

Different way I achieve this are:

  • ask me to rent the vases
  • have me come at the end of the wedding and wrap the flowers from the centerpieces to pass out to guests
  • ask if you can reuse someone’s flowers or if someone can reuse yours (cost savings as well!)
  • rent reusable silk flowers from me for the day

Where I’m From

I was born and raised in the midwest, just north of Chicago. I passed through Wisconsin and Minnesota on my way down to Texas and have been here since 2011.

In Texas I have lived in Katy, Cypress, Richmond and now The Heights.

I love to travel around Texas whenever I can. Mostly for camping trips! 

Random Facts

  • I grew up with 13 people in my house. My two parents, 10 siblings and myself (the youngest). It is an experience not many have had. It taught me how to work hard and to enjoy family time. The importance of alone time, privacy and boundaries. And the joy of having little babies around at such a young age.
  • I shaved my whole head. It was liberating. It does take some getting used to, as well as the ability to not let bad hair bother you during the grow out stage! I recommend it to anyone who is interested. Go for it. It will grow back (:
  • The first time I went on an airplane I was 16 and went alone. My dad and mom told me what to expect and sent me off. It was interesting to experience that by myself.
  • I am fascinated with psychology. Nothing is as simple as good or bad, yes or no, black or white. Everything is grey. In the best of ways.

Lauren Torola
Floral Designer