11 Autumn Flowers for Houston Weddings

We are firmly into fall now as the autumn solstice has come and gone.  Planning a fall wedding, especially in the Houston area can be about leaning into the colors of fall as the cooler weather hasn’t quite reached us yet.  Hopefully, if there are bouquets and arrangements of golds and oranges and reds, it will give us the feeling of leaves changing and cooler weather on the horizon. 

Once you have found your Houston area wedding venue, the next logical step would be to decide on the ceremony and reception decor and decide which flowers you would like to incorporate into your wedding.  

The color palette that is most prevalent is the warmer tones of autumn; yellow, orange, red and even brown. However this is also the time to start incorporating the cool-tone colors of blues and purples.  These colors start to create a darker palette and moodier tone. 

The autumn season also seems to be the time for a more bohemian style as the texture of wildflowers and grasses lends itself so well into this style and season.  Consider also the dried leaves and flowers that can be utilized at this time to help create the atmosphere of autumn and the changing of season from summer into autumn. 


This flower grows best in late summer and throughout fall. It is quite a popular option especially considering its unique petal structure. The symmetrical round flower has full heads that come in a variety of wonderful colors, but especially the warmer autumn tones.  The dahlia is sought after like the peony and if you wanted to do a more budget friendly option, chrysanthemums are often recommended.  

2.Corn Flower

These beautiful wildflowers are usually found to be a brilliant blue violet.  However, they can also come in other colors like a burgundy.  The corn flower grows from late spring into fall.  They can add a wonderful touch to wedding bouquets and arrangements as they give movement and an organic shape which help to lean into a more bohemian style.


The sunflowers bloom in late summer and through fall.  The big heads and sturdy stems are perfect for an autumn wedding.  The color can range from yellow to orange and into red depending on the variety.  These are the flowers that speak the autumn language, especially considering that they represent a long life and lasting happiness.  A perfect omen for any wedding. 


These flowers grow from early summer into late fall. These are wonderful flowers that come in brilliant orange, reds and yellows.  There are different size varieties to this flower, so they can be a more statement piece or they can add the wildflower look you may be going for.  Either way the brilliant colors add the touch of autumn fire for your wedding.  Marigold’s bold colors represent the sun’s energy giving warmth, passion and creativity to any event.

5.Pampas Grass

Now is the season to really lean into the grass of it all.  The pampas grass plumes in late summer through to winter.  Although the bohemian look can go year round, the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to utilize these taupe and brown grasses. The pampas grass adds height and texture to each of your arrangements. 

6.Queen Anne’s Lace

This flower grows from late spring to fall, especially in the south. This is generally considered a filler flower.  Queen Anne’s lace will add texture and lightness to any wedding arrangement.  It is usually used in a rustic, bohemian style wedding.  The flower is typically white or green. 

7.Gerbera Daisy

Although the gerbera daisy is not typically what you think of when you think autumn, these flowers can be grown year round in the south. These flowers come in many color varieties, especially brilliant red and vibrant oranges. The gerbera daisy traditionally represents loyal love and cheerfulness, which is a lovely sentiment for any wedding. 


Roses, of course, grow year round and we are quite spoiled in what colors we can choose roses to be in.  Autumn is the time to do specific colors like Toffee, Quicksand or Kahala roses.  The large varieties of roses available ensures that getting the specific look and color you are going for.  You can also lean into English and garden roses.  They can be more expensive, but are quite full and beautiful. 


These flowers grow in mid summer through to the fall frost.  Although they can come in several color varieties, they are most often burgundy or maroon.  The amaranthus works really well in a fall color palette.  The flowers give a unique drape and texture to any bouquet or arrangement as they grow upside down. They are great for cascading bouquets or to just add another dimension. 


The aster flower grows from late summer into early fall.  These wildflowers look like mini daisies and are a perfect addition to your bohemian style wedding.  They can come in a variety of colors and add an airy look to your wedding flowers.  The aster is a great filler or accent flower to more statement pieces like roses and dahlias.  The aster can add meaning to your wedding because it represents faith, wisdom and love. 


The hellebore flower grows in late fall into winter and spring.  It is a great late year option for a fall wedding.  There are many color varieties like apricot, green, metallic blue, dusky pink, maroon and white. The colors are unique and a fun touch added to any late autumn wedding.

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