12 Winter Season Florals for Houston Wedding

As we experience cooler weather here in Houston, we get to see season specific greenery as well as flowers that thrive in the cooler temperatures after the hot, hot summer months.  The seasonal foliage also offers more texture and depth of colors where you can lean into the deep colors of navy, maroon, eggplant and emeralds.  On the flip side of color, it’s quite popular to focus on white and greenery for a winter wedding.

When deciding on what you want for your winter wedding flowers the colors that you choose will always help to set the tone for your wedding.  Is your wedding around the holiday season, if so, are you leaning into the red and green of it all?  Or are you steering completely away and sticking to white and greens or blues and whites?  There is of course no right answer, just whatever you choose that will make you happy. 

Texture is also something that can help add dimension and depth to your wedding theme and floral arrangements.  Think of using foliage such as pine cones and berries that really add those touches of life that can be absent from a solidly winter atmosphere.  There are even ways to play with sticks in both flower arrangements and by themselves that can give you a unique touch to your wedding. 

For those of us that live in and around the Houston area, being in zone 9, we have a fairly long growing season for flower availability.  This time of year can be full of variety even though it is indeed winter.  Some flowers that are harder to grow in the north, are still available almost year round here.  Make sure to communicate with your florist, if there are specific flowers that you want or more importantly don’t want.   Especially consider the unique flowers that are not usually sold at a grocery store, your florist most likely will have insight to some unique flowers you have never heard of. 


These flowers are lovely blooms that are great touches to any arrangement. The anemones look like poppies with their tissue-like petals and a dark center. Anemones come in several different colors and the white anemones are especially popular for a brides bouquet.  They are available in the fall, winter and spring.  The white anemones are typically available from December through April.


The ranunculus flowers are a favorite for their full, tissue thin petals and the organic curve of their stems.  They can look like peonies but they are a bit smaller than a rose.  The ranunculus flower comes in several colors and they are available year round.  However, they tend to get the best sized ranunculus at the end of winter and into early spring. 


This flower is a classic bloom for the late winter and early spring.  The tulip comes in many different colors, and is known to add a refined feel to an arrangement.  The tulip can be a bit finicky as they tend to continue to grow and reach for the light even after they are cut, but they are worth the trouble for the elegance they bring. Though there is pollen, it can be removed and the petals can be peeled back for a different, open look to the bloom.  


These flowers are available year round, but in the south they are perfect to use at this time of year.  Once the summer heat has gone, the hydrangea is less likely to wilt in an outside arrangement. The hydrangea comes in a variety of colors, but most common are white/cream and blue.  There are also baby hydrangeas that are green which helps to add a textural element to bouquets and arrangements.  

5.Wax Flowers

The wax flower is a hearty flower that blooms year round, but is able to stand up to even February temperatures. The wax flower gives a lot of texture to arrangements as well as small touches of color to bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements. These flowers come in several colors, including white, pink and yellow. 

6.Baby’s Breath

Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath is mainly considered to be a filler flower.  However, this flower can also be the showcase of an entire wedding.  The baby’s breath flower can be found year round,  but we put it on this list especially, due to the late winter time when other accent flowers are not as prevalent.  The baby’s breath flower can always be found.  

7.Hypericum Berries

These berries are available year round.  They come in a range of red shades from peach, pink and burgundy.  The berries can also be found white and green as well.  The berries add a bit of texture to accent bouquets and arrangements.  The hypericum berries also help to give the vibe of holly when you use the red variety. 

8.Privet or Viburnum Berries

These berries are similar to each other.  They both give a darker color accent with either navy or purple/blue berries.  They both help to add texture and color to arrangements.  Both the privet and viburnum berries are available from mid fall through early spring.  The privet berries can also come with green berries and the viburnum berries come on sticks to help add that winter touch. 

9.Seeded Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is available all year and there are hundreds of varieties.  The seeded eucalyptus can come in a soft green color with blue undertones or yellow-toned green and they are best during the fall and winter into early spring.  The seeded eucalyptus in particular is good for draping with the subtle heft of the berries/pods.  The green pods help to  add the holly and berry feel to your arrangements in the winter time.


The pine tree branches are a long-needle variety of a christmas tree.  Due to their long needles, they have more drape than a blue spruce variety would.  The pine branches therefore, work well for garland or centerpiece and bouquets as they add that movement.  They are best in the winter time and are perfect for winter weddings. 

11.Magnolia Leaves

These leaves come in two-sided rich green and copper color. The magnolia leaves help to add texture and color with the smooth and shiny side and a soft and almost suede texture side.  They can be used in a garland or a bouquet as the leaves layer well with other greenery.  In the south and here in Houston we are able to get the magnolia leaves quite easily.  


The cedar branches are another variety of christmas tree.  They have a rich texture and are able to fill out arrangements well.  The cedar branches have a lovely drape to be used in garlands and centerpieces.  As they are known as a christmas greenery they are generally available from late fall to winter and are perfect for a winter time wedding.

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