Simply Eloped- Rob & Sara

Who says that eloping means a dull courthouse ceremony with no flowers or photo opportunities?  It can be a sweet, intimate affair with flowers and a picturesque, beautiful setting.  We have worked with Simply Eloped several times and each time we have enjoyed being a part of someone’s special day. 

The wedding ceremony can be a destination location or somewhere in your own backyard or even a courthouse ceremony with a photo op at a lovely location.  Any way you choose to celebrate, you can add in a special flower touch without the headache of endlessly researching the style and look you are going for.  When we work with Simply Eloped, the couple has decided to add flowers to their day, which is not a requirement, and we get to recreate a predetermined recipe.  

Each couple that has selected the package that includes flowers, receives a bouquet and boutonniere in their chosen style.  The flower styles and recipes that are offered are ingeniously based on famous couples. The different celebrity couples you can choose from are John & Yoko, Victoria & David, Fred & Ginger, Goldie & Kurt, Ellen & Portia, Sonny & Cher, Will & Jada, Frida & Diego and lastly Bonnie & Clyde.  

The couple we got to work with this time, Sara and Rob, chose the Victoria and David style for their wedding day. 

This flower style is a classic, but with an almost bohemian flair.  We used white roses and thistle that can tinge toward blue as well as greenery.  The bouquet also has white wax flowers and seeded eucalyptus that lend that bohemian look.  We try our best to adhere to the recipe and all it entails for the couple.  We enjoy being able to create a sweet memory, no matter how large or small their wedding day is. 

Having worked with Simply Eloped in the past, we understand that not everyone desires or can have the same type of wedding as everyone else.  Being able to have a small part of someone’s wedding day and being able to help them create their wedding the way they want is amazing. Here at Bring Joy, we enjoy seeing what each couple is going to choose for their big day.

Sara and Rob chose a photographer that we at Bring Joy have worked with previously.  J. Andrade Visual Arts LLC is a wonderful photographer who specializes in elopement, engagement and dog photography.  What’s not to love about that!  She is always able to capture the bouquets and boutonnieres we create for each couple so beautifully.  We always enjoy seeing what she will showcase next. 

The venue the couple chose to be photographed at was the Oak Atelier.  This space is perfect for a small intimate wedding destination as it is a photography rental studio and an intimate event space.  The studio is located 38 miles almost directly north of downtown Houston near The Woodlands, Conroe and Magnolia Texas.  It is conveniently located almost central to those three locations. 

The space at Oak Atelier that Rob and Sara used was the Willow.  This is a sweet glass house that creates an almost ethereal atmosphere.  The structure has 17 foot ceilings with marble floors and golden chandeliers.  All of Oak Atelier is a photographer’s dream with beautiful spaces, and the Willow is no exception.

We met Rob and Sara at a hotel to drop off their bouquet and boutonniere while they were still getting ready.  We met the groom in the lobby of the hotel and he was so excited to get married.  Seeing reactions like his always reminds us of why we like to be even a small part of someone’s special day.  If we can help put a smile on a couple’s face it is always worth it. 

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