Bohemian Wedding at Jennings Trace – McCayla & Nathan

The bride and groom for this beautiful bohemian wedding, McCayla and Nathan, decided to get married in February of 2023 at Jennings Trace.  The bride chose an asymmetrical bouquet style and the wedding colors were perfectly apt for the winter in Houston Texas.  The added touch of dried flowers to her style really created a lovely bohemian vibe to the wedding style. 

The venue, Jennings Trace is located outside Houston in Montgomery Texas.  We love to work at Jennings Trace with the seclusion of the venue nestled in the woods.  The venue is large enough to accommodate a bigger party, but with also maintaining the atmosphere of intimacy to create a cozy vibe.  The structures of the venue itself are designed in a modern style with floor to ceiling windows to capture the surrounding nature.  

Bring Joy did provide the bride’s bouquet as stated, as well as, the groom’s boutonniere, altar and table arrangements and rented disco balls.  McCayla really wanted us to use creative freedom with the inspiration pictures she provided.  Due to that creativity we were able to have fun with the arrangements. In addition, having open communication with the couple, when changes were needed, we were able to adapt as we were all flexible. 

For the altar arrangements, we used curt willow which adds an organic shape to the form.  It is a soft stick that is flexible and easy to use and created a whimsical broken arch.  We used white hyacinth throughout the arrangements and bouquet which has a delightfully sweet smell.  Narcissus added a cool tube-like texture to the the decor as well.  Other flowers we used were ranunculus, stock, rose, and garden rose as well as wax and phlox as a filler flower.   

The garden rose we used was in a gold yellow called Caraluna, which helped to elevate the bouquet.  We also used disbud, which is a mum-like flower in the color Sand.   Working with the stock can be finicky so it is best to work quickly if you can, but it adds a whimsical, airy touch. 

When we arrived at Jennings Trace with the flowers, there was a change from a sweetheart arrangement to a head table arrangement.  Although we did not have to reconfigure the arrangement completely we did need to improvise.  We always like to show up to a wedding with extra supplies and we were able to make changes on the spot.  We at Bring Joy, love to do on-site creating so it was a muscle we like and appreciate to be able to flex.

The couple had a vision throughout their wedding day, and least of all they had a photographer in mind.  The photographer, Tori Parker, was someone that the couple found on TikTok.  They loved her work so much that they were willing to have her travel to Houston.  Tori was fun to work with and had a blast working in Houston. 

McCayla and Nathan had a large wedding party, and it was lovely to see a big group of people and the love that everyone had for each other, as well as the happy couple.  The bride and groom created such a fun atmosphere for all to enjoy.  They had a phone for guests to leave voice messages to the couple in lieu of signing a guest book.  There was also a champagne tower and of course rented disco balls from us.  Ask anyone, disco balls equal fun, it’s like an unwritten rule. 🙂 

McCayla was a sweet bride, and the groom, Nathan, came up to us at the end of the wedding to thank us for what we were able to do for the couple and for our communication during the whole process.  We love working with this lovely, fun couple and were glad to be a small part of their day.

“Would highly recommend[sic] Bring Joy for your special event! She was great at communication and accommodating all changes to the vision that I had for my florals. I had her make my head table arrangement, ceremony arrangements, my bouquet, and my husband’s boutonnière. I sent her my vision board to give her an idea of what I wanted and she nailed it! I sent her pictures of the bridesmaids arrangements and groomsmen boutonnières I had made/bought and she tied it all together beautifully! I think it’s always important to allow some creative freedom for any artist/professional and I’m so glad I was able to trust her!”


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