3 Different Types of Bridal Bouquets

As anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you, it can be hard.  It can be a daunting task that feels like a whole new world you know nothing about.  To the style of your venue, the overall feel you want to convey, to the type of wedding dress you want to have.  Even choosing the style of bouquet that you want for your wedding can be an undertaking.  Perhaps, starting with the bouquet and working outwards can help you to decide what you want to portray on your day.  Having a guide, even a small one, can help you to take that first step.

1. Cascading Bouquets 

A cascading bouquet is generally described as having a “waterfall” effect with flowers and greenery falling down the front of the arrangement.  It is also known as the “shower bouquet” or “tear-drop bouquet” as the shape lends itself to be rounded on top and then flows out to a point at the end.  The cascading bouquet is typically the most dramatic type of bouquet and gives the strongest sense of style.

The cascade itself can be as long as you desire and the bouquet can be customized to be softer with an organic feel or more structure.  By adding greenery and more filler flowers like baby’s breath you can achieve a softer look.  If you prefer a more structured bouquet try less greenery or omit the greenery all together.  The cascading bouquet style is fairly traditional, but remember, it is a standout and is better paired with a simpler wedding gown because the bouquet becomes the statement.  

A similar look to the cascading bouquet is the pageant or presentation bouquet. This bouquet is defined by the way it is held in the crook of the arm, and not in front of the body like the cascading bouquet.  The bouquet itself is usually long-stemmed flowers with a bit or no greenery as per your preference.  The pageant bouquet works really well with a more vintage inspired or bohemian style wedding. 

2. Round Bouquets

The round bouquet is as described, a round or dome-like type of bouquet.  The bouquet itself can be both structured or unstructured.  Typically, a structured bouquet is made with one type of flower like a rose.  Furthermore, the more structured varieties are usually monochromatic, making a simple, classic look.  A round bouquet with different colors but using the same type of flower, will also work making a unique statement with a classic style.  Remember, with the classic structured round look, think blooms on blooms, with no greenery. 

If you are looking for a round bouquet with a bit more of a loose, unstructured feel, you can add greenery.  You can also have your round bouquet with different types of flowers but by keeping the type of flowers lower in count and in the same color family, you will get the round bouquet effect, but with an organic feel.  

Another way you can achieve a structured feel to the round bouquet is by how densely packed the bouquet is.  The tighter the round shape is created, the more structured the bouquet looks. To create an “airy” feel with a round bouquet, try a more loosely formed dome with more negative or “empty” space.  This will create a lighter feel to the bouquet. 

The round bouquet is also a great option to use as centerpieces during the reception, as they do not have a backside and are pretty from all angles.  

3. Hand- Tied / Free-Form / Asymmetrical Bouquets

These bouquets have been rising in popularity in the last couple of decades.  They are all a bit different, but are generally made in the same way.  They are hand formed, as most bouquets are today, but these bouquets have a distinct hand-picked look.  By the florist relying on their creativity and use of color and a mix of foliage and florals, these bouquets steer away from typical symmetry and are defined by the blooms.  

Using the natural bend and movement of the flowers and greenery, the bouquets offer a wild, free look that a lot of brides are looking for.  Mixing the florals and foliage, these bouquets allow for more variation and indeed can be made to look asymmetrical.  

The hand tied or free-form bouquets can be higher on one side then the other, or have a one sided accent.  When creating the shape of these bouquets, they are typically wider than they are tall.  Keep in mind, these bouquets are not going to ever look identical even in the asymmetry.  They can also be a v-shape, which causes a wonderful, natural hand-gathered look.

Finishing these types of bouquets off by wrapping the stems in a ribbon or twine helps to further give the effortless look that many brides are after today.  A hand-picked bouquet just for you. 

Bouquet Handles

There are also several different ways to finish your wedding bouquet.  Adding ribbon or silks is a typical way to finish off your bouquet without it being uncomfortable throughout your wedding day.  The ribbon can be wrapped all the way down the stems of your bouquet so no stem is showing whatsoever.  You can also choose to only wrap ribbon halfway down, this creates a more hand-picked look.  It still creates a polished look as the stems are typically trimmed to the same size.   

For a more dramatic or bohemian look, there is the option of having the ribbon ends flowing down past the bouquet.  This helps to create a different style and feel.  Perhaps you are looking to evoke whimsy or drama or a more natural hand-tied feel. 

While previously pretty traditional and popular, some people choose to use bouquet holders.  This can be a water source the day of your wedding, but it is a bit more finicky to work with, and not a choice many brides go with today. 

Whatever you decide for your wedding and bouquet style, there are still many other minute details and choices you can make to tailor your day for yourself.   Starting with your bouquet decision will hopefully help to steer you in the direction of where you would like to take your wedding day style.  Alternatively, you can use your intended style to help you pick what bouquet would go best.  Either a cascading or pageant, round or hand-tied bouquet, whatever you choose will be further customized to what flowers you choose.

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