15 Heat Resistant Flowers with 3 Bonus Greenery Options

Let us help you find Heat-Resistant Flowers for a Summer Wedding. Here are our top 15 choices with long lasting greenery options.

We are settling into June and with that, especially here in the south and Houston in particular, that means heat, humidity and oh yes, heat!  

When deciding on what flowers you want to help last through your wedding day, especially for an outdoor wedding, heat resistant flowers are important.  After cutting flowers, without a water source, some flowers or greenery may not last throughout the day.  However, there are some choices that will stay happy and strong even when the temperatures rise. 

Remember to keep in mind that there are many options that, although bloom in the south and in summertime, are not going to last throughout the wedding without a lot of care and attention.  The gardenia, hydrangea and peony are beautiful options, but not always worth the trouble in high temperatures and humidity. 

Here is a quick list of flowers that once cut and out of a water source can still thrive and not wilt in the heat and humidity. 

  1. Chrysanthemums These are a hardy flower with strong, dense petals.  After they are cut they are typically fresh for 14-21 days.  The chrysanthemum blooms as early as the end of July and into late October. 
Statice and Baby’s Breath

2. Alstroemerias These hardy flowers are native to South America and withstand heat and sunshine.  The blooms last up to 2 full weeks.  The alstroemerias start to bloom in early summer and last through the fall.

3. Thistle The thistle is a trendy filler that tends to dry nicely and the color doesn’t fade.  The thistle also adds texture to an arrangement.

4. Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila)– Once cut Baby’s Breath can last from 7-10 days.  They are small blooms that are very hardy. These blooms are best for summer weddings and naturally come white but sometimes can appear yellow or pink. 

Pink Wax Flower, Blue Thistle, Peach Rose and Baby Eucalyptus

5. Wax Flowers– These are an evergreen flowering shrub native to Australia.  The blooms can last up to 3 weeks and are a great filler option. 

6. Statice– This filler flower dries well and does not require a lot of water. 

7. Carnations– This is a strong flower that with routine watering can last up to 3 weeks after being cut.  The carnations bloom typically in late spring although they thrive best in 50-65 degree temps. 

8. Sunflowers– These flowers are called “sun” flowers for a reason, they love the sun and are resistant to extreme heat.  They bloom in the late summer and into the colder fall temperatures.  They have a hardy, strong steam and can last 6-12 days once they are cut. 

Succulents and Orange Chrysanthemums

9. Succulents– Although not traditional, the succulent is a fun original way to put variety into your bouquet.  They originate in desert climates and retain water and require little maintenance.  Another fun thing about the succulent is that they can be replanted after the wedding to thrive and continue to be durable. 

10. Roses–  These are one of the most common flowers to use in wedding bouquets and with proper care can last up to 7-10 days after being cut.  Garden roses in particular are a great substitute for peonies as they are a year round flower and peonies have a shorter bloom window. 

11. Lavender– Lavender can last up to 10 days after being cut and have a lengthy blooming season.  It starts in spring and goes to mid-late summer.  The lavender can withstand high temperatures and will maintain its look through humid days.  This is a highly desired bloom in summer.

Pink Protea

12. Calla Lily– The calla lily is a year round flower and has a waxy texture and does not actually have petals, so there is no need to worry about them falling off in the high heats. 

13. Birds of Paradise This plant is an evergreen plant native to South Africa. It thrives in full sun and prefers higher humidity. 

14. Anthuriums These are native to South America and the rainforests there, meaning that they do well in heat and humidity especially. 

15. King Protea- This plant is native to South Africa and blooms from June to October.  It is both heat and cold weather resistant meaning no wilting in the sunshine.  After the protea is cut it can last up to 16 days.

Bonus: Greenery

1. Eucalyptus This plant will last around 3 weeks after being cut.  It is an evergreen so no matter the season it will be thriving.  It is native to Australia and surrounding islands and can endure hot, humid weather. The eucalyptus has over 500 varieties, so options are endless for what you may be looking for. 

2. Ruscus This greenery is available year round and it is also long lasting.  The ruscus can last up to 8 days after being cut.  There are different varieties; Italian and Israeli are most common. 

3. Smilax This plant is a great option for arches and is hardy enough to last up to 2 weeks after being cut with proper care. 

Smilax and Ruscus Greenery


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