2024 Color of the Year in Wedding Palettes and Flowers

The trending color for the year of 2024 is Apricot Crush.  The color itself reads as an orange pink that is fairly neutral.  It works well with pastels, brights and neutrals offering a wide variety of themes and styles.  Being the trend color for 2024, using it in a wedding palette would be intriguing as it compliments quite a lot of different colors and could also blend as a supporting color in a palette.  

Think of Apricot Crush with white and green to create a more neutral look and softer style, but adversely combining Apricot Crush with sage and fuschia, you have a brighter, bolder look.  Even doing Apricot Crush with blues can go softer or more bold depending on the style you are going for.

Going off of this trend with Apricot Crush and the above color palettes, there are endless routes you could go down in the world of color, and wedding colors in particular. There seem to be more weddings leaning into the brightness of color, but also still, neutral tones and whites stay present in weddings. 

With apricot crush being a complimentary color and the Barbie movie being relevant, pinks seem to be on the rise.  Not just soft blush either, but bright, bold pinks and fuschia that work with orange just as well as red or gold.  Some palette trends for pink:

  • Pink, Orange and White
  • Blue, Purple and pink 
  • Lavender and Pink 
  • Red, Pink and Blue 
  • Pink, Coral and Orange

As ever, green is a staple in wedding colors.  Green is great for neutrals when going more sage, but also being bold with a dusty pink when it is a more emerald green.  When using greens for contrasting and complementing colors, you are able to get a varied assortment of wedding palettes that can fit any style.  Some palette trends would be:

  • Earth Tones
  • Gold, Hot Pink and Green
  • Dusty Pink and Emerald Green
  • Yellow and Green
  • Green and Purple

Using blues in your wedding palette can be brighter with using more navy and dark blues.  This creates a more bold look and style, especially when pairing with contrasting colors like yellow.  On the other hand, using lighter blues and pairing with complementary colors like green will certainly create a more softer palette.  Some palette trends for blue: 

  • Light Blue and Green 
  • Green and Navy 
  • Dusty Blue and Yellow 
  • Ice Blue, Navy and White 
  • Gray and Blue

Knowing what color palettes are helpful, especially when it comes to trends coming up in 2024, but what about knowing what flowers that could work for you, especially when it comes to using Apricot Crush.  Your florist may know, and talking to them is a great way to start that conversation, but we created a quick guide to help you get started. 

Here are 10 flowers that come in a close approximation of an apricot color that also go well with wedding colors in 2024.  Always remember that flowers are living things and won’t always be exact to what you want, but if you are willing to go with the flow of nature, you may be surprised by what you find.

  1. Bearded Iris- ‘Party Dress’
  2. Tulip- ‘Apricot Beauty’
  3. Carnation- ‘Nude’
  4. Rose- ‘Juliet’ 
  5. Lily- ‘Peach’
  6. Gerbera Daisy- ‘Apricot’ 
  7. Ranunculus- ‘Double Peach’
  8. Icelandic Poppy- ‘Peach’
  9. Calla Lily- ‘Mango’
  10. Dahlia- ‘Cornel Bronze’

Don’t forget to check out our other color palettes that we have done for our brides.  Hopefully they will inspire you, or give you direct information regarding your own wedding colors and flowers to look for. 


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