10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

When trying to decide on what wedding flowers to use you will find that there are endless options.  To narrow the options down, there are several different lists that tell of the top wedding flowers in 2023.  

Looking through the lists that we can find, they all say essentially the same thing, but with varying degrees of what is popular.  This is most likely due to the area and season.  We took the lists that we could find, and then compared those to what we see in our area and what our couples are looking for.  

Here is our Bring Joy list of the top 10 wedding flowers that people are tending to choose for their wedding days.

  1. Roses

The rose, of course, is still and may always be the number one flower on a list of popular wedding flowers.  There are many different varieties of roses, letting you achieve any wedding theme or vibe that you are going for.  Roses are available year round with green house cultivations and vary from spray roses all the way to garden roses.  Roses also come in a myriad of colors and hues, so don’t just think red when you are looking for a rose. 

  1. Anemones

The anemone is a delicate flower but quite dramatic with their eye-catching center. They do not just come in white petals with a jet-black center, although that may be the most popular.  You can get anemones in pink, purple, red, burgundy and even blue, which will help create a dramatic look for any bouquet.  Be aware that working with anemones in the heat can be a bit hard which makes them ideal in the colder months. 

  1. Ranunculus

The ranunculus has certainly grown in popularity, especially as an accent to other flowers in the bouquet.  They have wiggly stems that add a wonderful movement and wildness to an arrangement.  The ranunculus also have such an array of colors to choose from for any color palette. The ranunculus itself becomes quite lush as it blooms with its tissue-like petals, making it a go to for any bouquet or arrangement.  

  1. Hydrangeas

The hydrangea is a popular, versatile flower.  It gives a full, pillowy, cloud-like effect to an arrangement or bouquet.  White hydrangeas are traditionally used most often and are followed by blue and green hydrangeas.  However, they also come multi-colored or “dusty” and are called antique hydrangeas.  This type of hydrangea is more hardy than the traditional white, but in heat, hydrangeas do not do well regardless. Save this flower for the cooler months.  The hydrangea can also be spray painted to any color which helps to adapt to any palette. 

  1. Tulips

There is more to the tulip than the standard flower you are probably thinking of.  Although the standard variety is quite beautiful with its upside down skirt shape, they also come as fringed tulips, double tulips and rembrandt tulips to name a few.  These variations offer something special to any bouquet.  The tulip is also quite versatile and hardy, coming in a variety of colors including variegated.  

  1. Calla Lilies

The calla lily is known for its elegant trumpet shape and is notorious for a more glamorous and dramatic look.  The calla lily is also often used for a long-stemmed bouquet option.  The calla lily looks quite lovely in a mono-flower bouquet, however, they also look incredible in a bouquet with a variety of other flowers and colors.  Either way, the calla lily is known for making a statement and will, even in the heat and humidity.

  1. Hellebore

The hellebore is a favorite among florists for their nodding, bending heads which lend movement to a bouquet.  They also come in an array of moody, variegated colors.  The hellebore bloom, itself as it matures, holds up well out of water which is great for wedding flowers.  The flower also helps to fill out and add texture to bouquets and arrangements. 

  1. Carnation

The carnation dates back 2,000 years to being used in Greek and Roman ceremonies.  They are still a favorite today, being quite cost effective and come in a large array of colors.  The carnation is quite lush and durable and can serve as an accent or even hold up to center stage in a bouquet or arrangement.  Your florist can also adapt the carnation to an airy fluffy look by manipulating the petals, giving you more options. 

  1. Baby’s Breath

This flower can be a bit controversial. Being around for a long time, some brides and couples really hate it, and some quite adore it.  The baby’s breath used to be simply a filler flower, and it still is often, but recently, more and more couples are taking it and showcasing it.  Using it as hair adornment, a flower crown, or simply a bridesmaids bouquet.  It is naturally white and sometimes green, but can be spray painted to add to any color palette, making it quite versatile.  

  1. Alstroemeria 

The alstroemeria is quite popular and identifiable by the speckle marks on the petals.  It is a hardy flower that is used as a great accent in any arrangement and bouquet.  The alstroemeria is a year round flower and holds up in the heat and humidity quite well.  It also takes quite a while to dry out being out of a water source, so even though it looks like a delicate flower, it does quite well for a wedding day. 

Whatever you decide to showcase on your wedding day, we hope this helps you to narrow down your top flowers.

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