Renting Silk Arrangements

Flowers are a beautiful thing. And for most people the first time they special order a substantial amount of flowers is for their wedding. It is fun, creative and also a little overwhelming.

Brides and Grooms have to learn 7+ new professions  (i.e. caterers, florists, bakers, coordinators…) just to book their wedding that will last less than 24 hours.

Now, do not get me wrong. I love diving into each part of planning and seeing what each couples style is. My favorite part is seeing what the men wear. I personally feel it can set the mood for the wedding. If they wear superman t-shirts under their suits, bow ties or all grow their facial hair out. And I love to see Pinterest pages filled with the full vision.

Boards are usually filled with flowers, as they are a big part of the wedding. From what bridesmaids hold, what fills empty table space to decorating the cake. And even though they play a big role on the wedding day, they don’t have to play a big role in the budget.

Renting silk flowers is a big cost saving hack! Centerpieces are some of the highest priced items that couples spend on their wedding. They look beautiful but they take extra time when packing up to take home, you need to dispose of them when they die and you don’t really remember the small details of them unless you look at a photo.

What you do remember is the process of ordering them, the colors you wanted and the “big picture” from the wedding. The “big picture” is a zoomed out photo of the day. The joy, the conversations, the dancing etc.

Renting cuts down the worry to throw away the flowers at the end of the night or not. Yes they decompose, but they take quite a bit of water to grow and to stay alive after they are cut. Some are also sprayed with chemicals to help them last longer.  And being in Texas, some flowers do not do well in the summer heat (in or out of water).

Silk flowers do come with their own waste as well. When initially making them you cut off the length on the stems as you would with fresh flowers. But the amount of life you get after they are made far outweighs the waste during the initial creation.

Renting flowers does not give you the fresh floral smell, however, you can easily compromise by having fresh bouquets for the brides or fresh boutonnières for the grooms and have silks for the remaining arrangements.

Renting silk flowers does not mean you need to compromise your style. You would be surprised how much current trends keep wedding styles to all be pretty similar. It is easy to swap the color you don’t want in the silk arrangements for another that is in your theme.

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