Christian & Kati’s Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding at The Barns at Four Pines Ranch

There are few times in life when you get to peak at the intimate love between a couple. I am so fortunate I was able to glimpse a bit of it between two of my friends on their wedding day!

As a florist, we usually show up to the wedding 3-5 hours before the guests arrive. We get to help turn an empty canvas into a wedding dream. October 10th of 2020 was much the same.

I met Christian when my boyfriend was roommates with him. I have known him for about 6 years and do not think I have met anyone as truly kind as he is. He loves to have fun with his family and friends and includes anyone who wants to join in. He welcomes you with open arms.

I met Kathryn at the same time as she and Christian were dating. Kathryn loves. She loves family, friends, singing, laughing… She surrounds herself with people she cares about and they always make amazing traditions such as Friendsgiving and Renaissance Festival Camping. 

They both have already begun building and expanding their family with those that mean so much to them.

They were married at the Barn at Four Pines Ranch in Crosby, TX. A hurricane slipped past us the night before and they made it through the wedding day without any rain bands – talk about bringing the good luck. Mimosas were being poured in the bridal suit and bottles were being passed in the grooms quarters while Kathryn’s sister Kylie oversaw the setting-up.  

Kathryn and Christian had 8 Bridesmaids and 9 Groomsmen standing with them while they recited their vows outside. The theme was Beauty and the Beast. And even though there were no beasts to be found, it was absolutely beautiful to witness so many people who love and cherish them come and show support.

The reception was set up banquet style with the Newly-weds front and center. Greenery, books and tea cups lined the tables. With floating roses marking the reserved seats. 

The guests danced to raise money for them, Bride vs the Groom. Christian took the win but they are married so they share the earnings now!

I could not be happier for them and wish them the very best of luck on their next chapters in life!


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